Environmental Policy

The company recognises that the fact that “Global Environmental Preservation is indeed crucial to the well being of mankind” and based on this ideology the Company as a whole shall undertake the following measures towards the said Environmental Preservation.


Law & Regulations

While upholding the law and regulations pertaining to Environmental Protection, the Company shall restrict the use of environmentally hazardous substances and shall strive towards the prevention of environmental pollution.


Efficient Utilisation of Resources and Energy

The Company shall work towards efficient utilisation of resources through saving energy and resources and the reduction of waste material.


Environmental Protection

The Company shall work towards Environmental Protection by striving to ensure that there is minimal impact to the environment throughout all stages of our business activity.


Action Plan

In order to fulfil our Environmental Policy, the Company shall establish the environmental objective and goal, initiate and implement program and conduct periodic review of the program implementation for continuous improvement.


Internal Development

In addition to ensuring that the Environmental Policy is widely known amongst our employees, the Company shall promote awareness towards Environmental Preservation through continuous education and training activities.


Final Statement

The Company shall make known to external parties the above Environmental Policy.