OSH Policy



It is the company’s policy to place high priority to the safety and health of all its employees at work. The company shall do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure a safe working environment for all its employees.




2.1       To provide our employees with work methods and work area which  are safe, thereby reducing the risk of injuries, accidents and                                   damage to property.

2.2       To safeguard our employees from any foreseeable hazard to health  and safety in existing process and working systems and in the                               introduction of new processes, machinery and equipment.

2.3       To train all employees to be aware of their own responsibilities in  respect to health and safety matters.

2.4       To provide general health and safety training for all new entrants  and to identify training needs for all levels of our employees in the                           areas of health and safety.

2.5       To monitor the implementation and compliance to the health and safety  instructions / procedures.

2.6       To maintain proper measures for fire prevention, fire protection and  fire fighting and system of evacuation in the event of an emergency.

2.7       To provide appropriate medical and first aid facilities to safeguard the health and welfare of all our employees.

2.8       To engage the cooperation and involvement of all employees towards achieving our health and safety objectives.