NIPPON PIGMENT (M) SDN. BHD. Penang Plant, is totally committed to providing the highest quality product of Colour Compound, Masterbatch and Dry Colour. We believe the importance of environmental protection for our future generation. Above all, we shall satisfy and fulfill customers’ and other compliance obligations.

We are determined and committed to continually improve the environmental management systems performance in our organization through:


Protection of Environment

  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Reduction the generation of waste materials
  • Prevention of environmental pollution.

We recognize that the achievement of this policy is significant to our overall business performance. We shall communicate the policy to employees and others who may be affected by our work activities via briefing, training or other appropriate communication channel.

Environmental  Monitoring Committee (EMC)

a) Environmental  Regulatory Compliance Monitoring Committee (ERCMC)

Roles Responsibilities
  • Committee at Policy level
  • Establish and review Environmental Policy
  • Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of Environmental Policy
  • Meet minimum once a year to discuss (notice of 1st meeting or minutes of the 1st meeting)
    • Changes needed to the Environmental Policy
    • Changes on environmental legislation and the implications to the organization
    • Any expansion program and the implications to the existing resources
    • Environmental improvement projects
    • Major initiatives to address non-compliance issues, if any
    • Procurement and purchasing policy – incorporation of environmental consideration etc.
    • Proposed budget for environmental protection to Top Management.


b) Environmental Performance Monitoring Committee (EPMC)


Certified Environmental Professional in Scheduled Waste Management


Certified Environmental Professional in Bag Filter Operation.


Certified Environmental Professionals in The Operation Of Industrial Effluent Treatment Systems (Physical Chemical Process).

Roles Responsibilities
  • Committee at Operational level
  • Implement environmental management systems in line with Environmental Policy
  • Monitor operation and maintenance of pollution control systems, waste reduction targets, energy conservation programs etc.
  • Officially appointed by the Top Management 
  • Meet minimum once in a quarter to discuss
    • Changes in environmental legislation and the implications to the operational level
    • Status of legal compliance
    • Air quality performance
    • Water quality performance
    • Waste minimization programs
    • Energy conservation programs
    • Other pollution prevention programs.

Environmental Protection Facilities

Industrial Effluent Treatment System (IETS) & Sludge Dryer
  • What is IETS & Sludge Dryer?
  • Equipment
  • Summary


Dust Collector
  • What is dust collector
  • Equipment
  • Summary
Deodorizer System
  • What is Deodorizer System
  • Equipment
  • Summary
Scheduled Waste Storage Area


  • What is Scheduled Waste Storage Area?
  • Equipment
  • Summary
Mini Laboratory for IETS


  • What is Mini Laboratory for IETS
  • Equipment
  • Summary